Loli Onaholes are tight and aim to simulate virgins and petite girls as best as possible.  They are the best onaholes if you are a fan of lolicon.

One of the main companies that makes these is Magic Eye, but there are other companies as well like Love Style and ToysHeart.  I recommend the two hand hip onaholes because they are about the size of what an actual anime loli fairy would be.

Sujiman Kupa Coloco

Sujiman Kupa means camel-toe in japanese and its the theme of alot of loli onaholes made by Magic Eye.

One of the highest quality is the Coloco version.  Its a two hand masturbater that is more like a torso than just a hip.   It weighs about 5 pounds and is not so heavy that it is difficult to clean.

This has the unique U-hole cavity design that connects the vagina and the anus.  It allows air to leave through the anus on the in thrust, but then as you pull out the anus flap closes causing the vagina to suck onto you.

This is also a softer toy than something like the meiki cherry 2, which I prefer personally.  Its also easier to enter, no need to force your self through the hole without fear of tearing.

Its a big toy so make sure you have a decent size drawer to store it in discreetly.

One issue I have with it is that the back could be thicker, when going from behind you can see yourself protruding through the back.

Sujiman Kupa Big Rina

This is a big loli onahole that barely fits in your hand.  It has a dual-layer with a soft outside and firmer inside.  The inside is really intricate and the texture changes throughout the vagina for different sensations depending on how far you go in.

Its extremely textured at the front for playing with your tip, however its milder at the middle-back.  If you go all the way in you’ll feel yourself pop into the uterus cavity at the back– thats how realistic this inside is.

I’ve had mine for almost 6 months with no tearing or damage, its durable for such a soft onahole.  Keep in mind, I do use plenty of lube and take extra good care of my toy when cleaning.  It can be trickier to try because of the open are just behind the labia, be sure to thoroughly dry it with a towel and then set upside down.  Note: I never turn it inside out, this would risk tearing and damage.

Love Style Strawberry in Kneeling

This fairy loli is sitting in the traditional formal posture known as “Seiza”, a position of unquestioning obedience.  Its so loli that I can’t show pictures on this website, but you can view the full product on KanojoToys.

The torso itself is about the same size as SKC, but with the addition of realistic looking limbs.  Toys like this usually lack a head because its so difficult to make a realistic looking face.  If you don’t want to feel like you are loving a headless girl you can place one of your favorite loli pillows or blankets where the head it.