Cleaning your onahole after use is something that needs to be done religiously if you want it to last.  Even after 12 hours fungus can start to grow in an unclean onahole, this leads to a horrible smell and even dangerous onahole that can give you bacteria infections.

Luckily cleaning only takes a few minutes to do and will become automatic once you are in the habit.

Note: When washing an onahole I try to do so in way that dosen’t damage the material and ensures it will last as long as possible.  Keeping that theme in mind there are 2-3 steps to cleaning:

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Powdering (optional)


The first step is simply to rinse out the onahole with some mild temperature water.  Do not use scathing hot water or you can damage the onahole permanently.  As for the location, you can do this in your bathroom sink, or take the onahole into the shower with you.

Onahole Rinsing

Rinse out the onahole first

Once rinsed out you can begin using soap.  I just use a mild antibacterial handsoap for this, but any kind of soap you use on skin will also work for the onahole.

Add a few drops into the onahole and begin rubbing it in.  Get your fingers in there to scrub all the narrow crevices and crooks clean.

Onahole Washing

Get Your Soapy Fingers In All The Crooks And Crevices

Then once your onahole is immaculate on the inside you can rinse a few times until all the soap suds are gone.


This is another really important step.  If you skip the drying your onahole will still get moldy and all your hard work washing will be for nothing.

Here are all some of the best ways to get your onahole dry:

  • Shake out the water as best you can
  • Use a microfiber towel
  • Stuff a paper towel inside for an hour
  • Leave it upside down on a towel so the water can drain out
  • You can even put a tampon or Q-tips inside and then squeeze them around to get extra moisture out
Drying Step

Using a microfiber towel to get the onahole extra dry

Avoid Turning It Inside Out

Some people like to turn their onaholes inside out to dry and clean them.  With some onaholes you can get away with this, however you risk tearing the layers apart or ripping it.  Even if it dosen’t tear you are straining the materials and will shorten the life of the onahole.  You are much better off just putting paper towels in it or leaving it upside down to drain out.


Powdering an onahole with corn starch or baby powder is a way to keep the outside smooth, soft, and clean.  It prevents the outer layer sticking to your skin and also any dirt or dust from sticking to the outside surface.  Some toys come with powder, and the powder can also be bought separately.

You want to make sure the onahole is completely dry before applying the powder.  You can apply a couple shakes across the top and then gently rub it in gently like you would with skin.

Avoid getting any powder in the vaginal cavity or hole.  If the powder gets in your urethra it can burn!

If It Does Get Moldy

If it does get moldy its not the end of the world and can still be saved.  I have used vinegar for this and never had a problem, avoid isopropyl alcohol because it can damage the material.

  1. Fill your onahole up with vinegar
  2. Next, prop it up so the vinegar dosen’t spill out
  3. Let sit for 1 hour
  4. Empty the vinegar out and rinse and scrub like normal

After all these steps your onahole will be back to its clean mold-free self.

Sprays, Cleaning Kits, and Powders

You can also find antibacterial sprays and cleaning kits just for onaholes.  If you are having trouble getting or keeping your onahole clean this can be an extra option.

The spray is a skin and onahole safe disinfectant that you use after cleaning.  I feel like the antibacterial soap I use already does a good enough job so I haven’t used this yet.

There are also cleaning kits that come with long narrow clothes on a stick.  If you can’t get into certain cavities of your toy you can try this to see.