Onahole dolls are another way to add variety to an onahole collection.  There are 4 main types of onahole dolls:

  • Plush with insert
  • Mid-size realistic
  • Full-size realistic
  • Mini dolls with modular attachments

Plush Onahole Doll

When were talking about plush dolls in the onahole world we mean a soft cushy doll that has an insert for your onahole.  This hole is adjustable and can fit other types of pocket pussy like a fleshlight or tenga as well.

This is an exciting way to give a physical huggable shape to all your existing onaholes, and having two hips to grip and thrust into is a feeling i’ve become pretty dependent on.

The first plush doll I ever got was the Meiki Plush Doll from toydemon.  Its a well made doll with sexy curves and an soft outside.  I started with the $200 version which comes with a hips and bust, but no head.  There are also versions that come more full size with a head or a $100 version that is just the hips.

Midsize Realistic

These are all silicone or a blend of silicone and pvc materials.  For me, the main appeal of these is how visual they are.  They are gorgeous to look at, with realistic curves and breasts that are impossible not to be turned on by.

One popular set is the V set with 3 different dolls: Veronica, Victoria, and Valentina.  From the pictures they look lifesize, but really they are about 3 feet tall (why i call them midsize).

These dolls feel great, about the same as a high quality onahole like the Julia+.  If your main goal is sensation, this might not be the best purchase for you.

Lifesize realistic

These are often premium luxury dolls that are as much works of art as they are sex toys.  Even though these aren’t onaholes per say, they are made in Japan so worth mentioning.

I haven’t gotten one of these myself so i’m not sure how they feel, but from what i’ve read its pretty dang realistic.

Mini Dolls

These are modular dolls that have an onahole torso with interchangeable arms, head, and legs.  I haven’t tried one of these before but it seems like an interesting fetish.  I imagine it looks pretty erotic to see your member filling up the entire body of this tiny little doll.