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Today we live in an amazing world where hundreds of onahole choices exist.  With all these options it can overwhelming, so in this guide I aim to clarify some of the best onaholes.

Keep in mind the best onahole for you might not be the best for someone else.  Some people prefer soft, some people need firm, or some people need a loli onahole.  

I try to keep this in mind when doing my reviews by using not only myself, but other sources for a more unbiased picture of each onahole.

Best Overall

Top Pick:
Meiki ZXY

  • Highest level of detail inside
  • One inch behind the lips is a second tighter point of entry
  • Well made and durable, can last a long time with proper cleaning
  • 5 inches deep

Quick Review - This onahole is one of my favorites because it feels so realistic.  The inside has a high level of detail with all kinds of textures, ridges, and bumps.   Its also curved inside (like a real vagina), so if you rotate it you can have doggy style sensations.

That being said I have heard people say this is too soft for them.  So if you are someone that enjoys a firmer onahole you might want to try the Naive Sister or the Passionate Wife.

Best Oral:
La Bocca Della Verita

  • High value for the price
  • Tons of detail including soft rubber teeth
  • Closed hole creates suction effect when thrusting in
  • Can drool lube when used at downward angle
  • Teeth may be unpleasant (can be removed with tools)

According to the creators at Magic Eye, this onahole was built for creating the most realistic oral experience possible. 

It has a bumpy tongue, lips, and even rubber teeth.

I enjoy the teeth for the extra realism they bring.  Although not everyone likes them and I've read some people eventually take them out with scissors or pliers.

Magic Eye always out does them self with each new toy and this one is no exception, especially considering its only $31.


  • Visually pleasing on the outside
  • Thick outer layer that's fun to squeeze
  • Feels awesome
  • Slightly softer than ZXY

I prefer this onahole for the curvy outside over something like the ZXY.  The inside is curved like the ZXY but a little bit more soft and realistic.  Its also has got two points of entry, so first you enter the lips and then about one inch in the cavity tightens even more, almost like two vaginas in one.  I don't have two many complaints about this one.

Best hip: 
Meiki Cherry 2

  • Visually exciting and fun to touch
  • Two holes with different sensations
  • 6 Inches / 15 Cm deep
  • More difficult to clean
  • Heavier than a regular onahole and difficult to hide

This is the best hip masturbator I’ve found for the price.  Its soft on the outside with a textured inside and a second anal hole.  The toy looks great and the realistic booty is satisfying to bump into.  I personally enjoy a firmer toy so it’s a great match for me.  However if you are looking for a hip onahole on the softer side you would be better off with something like the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo.

Best Loli

There are just three loli onaholes here, you can visit our loli onahole page for a more extensive list.

Girl In The Box

  • Tight fit with realistic inside
  • Shaped like a small fairy loli
  • Cute arms on the back
  • Arms on the back
  • Heavier than a regular onahole and difficult to hide

Shaped like a petite loli this is one of the tighter toys I’ve ever used.  At the same time it’s a softer material that isn’t rough, making perfect if you want to have a experience a virgin vagina.   Because it is so tight I do use a lot of lube with it, especially when I first got it.  Eventually the toy began to break in and I didn’t need quite so much.  It also comes in an interesting box that's worth collecting.

Best Lolihip:
Sujiman Kupa Cocolo

  • Soft external layer
  • Requires two hands
  • More of a full torso than just a hip
  • Awkward to clean
  • Heavier than a regular onahole and difficult to hide

This toy was big news when it first came out because of Magic Eye’s innovative twist on the Dual-hole design.  The two holes are connected by the common U shape, however it has a flap mechanism on the anus entry-point.  When entering through the vaginal cavity the flap opens to let air out on the in thrust, but closes to add suction on the out thrust.  It’s a high tech bit of extra realism to how a real vagina works compare to the tight suction of closed one-hole toys.

Naive Sister

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Different blend of material than most onaholes
  • Anal like experience
  • So tight you may need to break it in
  • Single layer rather than squishy double of most onaholes featured

Two things define this toy: 1) it is tight  2) it is really durable.  Of all the onaholes I’ve used this one has lasted the longest.  Its similar to the Girl in a box, however a bit rougher at first.  Eventually this went away after I broke it in, but I needed a lot of lube when I first got it.  Apart from that its got a spiraled inside with all kinds of texture.  If its either this one or the girl in the box, I’d recommend girl in the box, however if you are a collector this toy’s uniqueness and durability is worth having in your collection.

Best Cheap: Onaholes Under $25

Hidachitukko Plus 2

This onahole comes with a voluptuous outer layer, similar to the Julia +, although not quite  as soft.

The inside of this onahole helps set it aside from the rest.  There are connected pieces of material throughout the vaginal tunnel, adding to the sensation as you push in.

The downside of this design is it is tough to clean, and really difficult to dry.


Onahole Companions

To get the most out of your onahole you can accessories:

  • Lube
  • Warmers
  • Pillows
  • Dolls