If you have never seen an onahole before you might be confused as to what it is.

An onahole is a Japanese-made artificial vagina or hole used for male masturbation.  Some are extremely realistic and the next greatest thing to actual sex.  Alot of people actually prefer their onaholes to sex because of the variety of sensations a collection can bring into ones life compared to just one human partner.

Heres some common types of onaholes:

  • Vaginal
  • Anal
  • Blowjob or mouth
  • Hips – life size hips for you to grab onto with two hands
  • Dolls – lifesize dolls that you can put your onaholes into
  • Loli and Virgin

Meaning and Origins of the Word Onahole

The actual word ‘onahole’ comes from two parts.

The Ona- in onahole is a shoretned form of onanie (オナニー) which means masturbation in Japanese.   Its one of the many japanese loanwords and originally comes from the German language.  In english we have a similar word called onanism which means both masturbation and coitus interruptus(pulling out before ejaculating).

Apparently all of these ona words originated with the biblical story of Onan, who was ordered to impregnate his brother’s widow by his dad.  Not such a bad order, except that the dad wanted Onan to secretly be the father.  The children would then be believed to be his just-killed brother’s and go on to claim the inheritance.

Onan wanted the inheritance for himself, so he came up with a plan.  He made love to his sister-in-law just like his father wanted, but just before finishing he pulled out of her vagina and masturbated his semen onto the floor.

And thats how the first onanism happened.

Aside from ona-, we have the word ‘hole’, which is pretty obvious where that comes from.